03 March 2008

Dear valued members,

In case you didn't know, MIRA has an Investor Relations Incentive Program. It's now free, fully subsidized by the Capital Market Development Fund and sponsored by Bursa Malaysia Bhd. We want to get more companies to profile themselves online.

Companies on this program get:
- an IR portal integrated with the company's own website
- to follow a template so that complete company info is put up
- conversion of the annual report from PDF to HTML for easy pull
- to participate in analyst briefings organised by MIRA and Bursa
- briefings converted into webcast and put onto the IR portal
- e-mail blast of corporate announcements to subscribers
- search function for announcements
- stock info
- interactive historical charts

. . . so that fund managers, analysts and investors can easily extract information to help them make investment decisions.

Information is pushed to:
www.ListedCompany.com (an Asean portal with 12 million pageviews)
www.JRJ.com (a China portal with 2 million pageviews PER DAY)
www.Factiva.com (Dow Jones newswire)
INVEST magazine

Profiling your company online will make it convenient for analysts to research your company. It can also help your company canvass more retail investors and broaden your shareholder spread.

We already have 33 companies on this program (see list) and we will limit the offer to 100 companies. I would like to invite listed companies to take advantage of this free offer . . . while stocks last! To find out more, click here or contact MIRA at 03 20347677. By the way, we have 3 learning events in March. See Upcoming Events.

Eddie Razak
March 2008

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