02 January 2008

Welcome to MIRA!

MIRA was established in June 2007, and in the few months we have been around we have done 9 events and over 650 participants have attended our programs. We want to bring to our members many events and programs, and we have many more lined up.

We have launched, jointly with Bursa Malaysia, an IR Manual and Workbook to help listed companies manage their investor relations. You can download the Manual and Workbook here.

We are administering, under sponsorship of Bursa Malaysia, an IR Incentive Program, which help listed companies set-up an internal IR program and get better exposure through IR. This program is fully subsidised by the Capital Market Development Fund, and now has 31 listed companies as participants. If your company is interested in getting on this program you can look up the details here.

We will be introducing an IR certification program in partnership with an international accreditation body, to formalise the qualification of IR practitioners in Malaysia.

We will continue to have seminars and talks to enhance and share knowledge and practices in investor relations.

We will also be organizing investor briefings to retail investors, and we will also have briefings to institutional investors, where your listed company can participate in and get access to the investing public, analysts and local and foreign fund managers.

As you know, various capital management actions can give out varying signals to the market. This calls for a consistent and concerted IR program under a guided IR strategy in order to align investor reaction with your corporate action. Ultimately, IR has an indirect role in supporting your access to and cost of capital, commensurate share valuation and liquidity, contributing to enhancing shareholder returns and recognition by investors, locally and internationally.

Our endeavours are aimed at enhancing listed companies' recognition and valuation in the capital market. With your participation in MIRA, I hope we can make further progress towards our common goal of enhancing your company's investibility.

We now have over 200 members comprising mostly listed companies plus a number of investment intermediaries. We are an association made up of members and we function for our members.

Therefore, I would like to invite and urge you, to participate in our ongoing development programs, and allow us to support you in profiling your company better and engaging with shareholders and investors continually through IR.

Finally, on behalf of our team in MIRA, I would like to wish you and your company a Happy New Year and successful year ahead!

Kind regards,
Eddie Razak
January 2008