20 July 2009

Certificate in Investor Relations of IR Society UK (CIR UK)

The Certificate in Investor Relations professional qualification is regarded as an essential prerequisite for those entering the investor relations profession in the United Kingdom. MIRA now offers the same quality of professional development available in the UK to IR practitioners in Malaysia. The CIR is offered in collaboration with the Investor Relations Society, UK’s professional body for IR, highly regarded as a leading authority on IR in UK and Europe (with 80% of companies on FTSE100 on the London Stock Exchange as its members) and among the earliest established professional bodies for IR.

The CIR examination will be held at regular intervals throughout the year, covering best practices in investor relations in the following areas:

1. Introduction to Investor Relations
2. Companies and Regulations
3. Financial Markets
4. Regulatory Environment
5. Accounting Valuation & Investment Principles
6. Practical Experience

The CIR allows IR practitioners to enhance their IR capabilities and benchmark against international best practices. It allows listed companies to identify qualified IR professionals to strengthen their IR function.

The CIR is also an opportunity for development for professionals from financial intermediary roles such as investment banking and equity research who want to make the cross-over into listed companies.

The Investor Relations Society congratulates Eddie Razak on being the first candidate from Malaysia to obtain the CIR qualification.

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